Sour Apple


Strain Details
Type: Sativa
Strain Family: Diesel
Origin: California

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Sour Apple taste like an exquisite homemade key lime pie. Extremely sour, sweet and fruity it feels like you’re enjoying a refreshing dessert as soon as the Sour Apple hits your palate. Upon exhale you can taste this rich fruity flavor that stays in your mouth well after medicating. You don’t even have to break out the blender to taste this delicious smoothie!!!

Sour Apple smells of sour and citrus with extremely fruity undertones. Mango and strawberry are the fruits that come to mind when smelling this beautiful flower. Undertones of sour lemons and limes also come through when taking a whiff of this smelly girl.

Sour Apple is made up of mostly neon green with hints of forest green on the buds. Light orange hairs the same color as Chucky’s hair from rugrats protrude, wrapping around the plethora of green. Visible and very shiny trichomes coat the buds of this wonderful flower.

Sour Apple is quite dry and crumbly, but there definitely leaves a trail with whatever it comes in contact with. It is a pleasure to break these buds up without a grinder.

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1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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