Oregon Kid Blackberry Kush


Strain Details
Type: Indica
Strain Family: Kush
Origin: Oregon

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Her flavor is strong and earthy, it weighs heavy on the palate for a moment before being accompanied by a sour background that will cause your mouth to water. She has a warmth to her smoke that helps to showcase her gentle combination of flavors. Blackberry kush loses the bulk of her flavor quickly leaving a light acrid aftermath in its place.

Her odor has a soothing character that gently captivates your attention, she has an acrid sweet air with a refreshing twist that will remind you of a gentle spring breeze. Blackberry Kush has floral and bitter undertones that come out heavier when agitated. She has a simpler aroma that will not disturb your senses or bring attention your direction making her a good choice for smoker who seek privacy.

She has a revered look that collectors are after, her large flared out calyxes pack resin tightly on every available surface. Blackberry Kush has a mild mannered color appearance accessorizing in pastel tones of purple and green that acts as the perfect foreground to showcase her snowy glands. Each flower is filled to the brim with oils,her opaque trichomes reflect light like an endless sea of glistening pearls.

Blackberry kush flowers have a heavy coating of hash making them trouble for both your grinder and fingers. If not cured to perfection her sticky flowers will be nothing but trouble.

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1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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